Live wires: How incoming calls can drive sales

Unified Communication as a Service

RingSquared’s cloud-based unified communication solution.

Compatible IP Phones

RingSquared cloud-based voice solutions are compatible with a wide range of IP business phones. These include:

  • Entry-level desktop phones
  • Touch-screen desktop phones for high-volume users
  • Bluetooth-compatible phones for use with headsets
  • Conference room phones
  • And more

Download the Business Phone Brochure (PDF) to view your IP phone options.

Other Flexible Phone Options

If your users don’t need a full desktop phone, their other options include:

  • Software or browser-based softphone applications + headsets
  • Softphone apps on smartphones
  • Call forwarding to send calls to their cell phone

The flexibility of modern business phone solution means every user can set up their phone number and workstation exactly how they need.