RingSquared Webinar: Improving Citizen Services

RingSquared Citizen Services Webinar Recording

Next week the RingSquared™ team hosts our first webinar of the year, focused on improving communications within the public sector. With this new informational session, you’ll learn how modern communication technology can help delivery better experiences for citizens reaching out to your agencies.

How Better Technology Helps Public Services

In this 30 minute webinar we will cover:

  • How citizens’ expectations have changed
  • What a good communication experience for citizens looks like
  • How good citizen interactions help you hit your organization’s goals
  • What communication tools to use to achieve your goals

RingSquared’s advanced communication solutions are flexible enough for use by any department, with the ability to grow and adapt to changing citizen needs.

Webinar Details

Topic: Deliver Better Citizen Experiences Using Communication Technology

Panel Members: Shawn Kearney, Vice President for Government and Enterprise at RingSquared, Rob Oscanyan, Director of Product Marketing for Customer Communications & Chris Crites, a Senior Solutions Engineer

Audience: Public sector organizations including education, law enforcement, justice, utilities, healthcare, public roads, and public transit

Date: February 16th

Time: 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

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