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Providing on-demand phone interpreting services, Certified Languages finds a powerful partner in RingSquared to support their complex routing and always-connected voice services

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Keeping Interpreter Calls Connected with the RingSquared Network

Voice uptime and network performance matter in the interpreting services industry; for example, when doctors are discussing symptoms with a non-English-speaking patient in the emergency room at 4 a.m., or handling consumer finance matters with bank members.

As a service provider, the RingSquared Network prioritizes client connectivity and security, providing the highest quality uptime and performance with built-in failover for call redundancy.

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Two Key RingSquared Features for Reliable Voice Services Performance

Utilizing Multiple Carriers

In the past, Certified Languages struggled when using a single phone carrier that stopped working or whose quality degraded. Excellent call quality ensures enunciation and meaning are accurately conveyed in the interpretation.

With the RingSquared Network, they now have the expanded reach to switch carriers when one experiences a problem, avoiding the impact of local outages and performance issues. “The ability to split calls and routes, to be able to switch carriers — this was unheard of at Certified Languages. We were excited when RingSquared brought this solution to us,” says Donna Lengyel, Telecommunications Systems and IT Project Management.

“RingSquared has been integral in helping Certified Languages maintain uptime when phone carriers are experiencing issues. This carrier-agnostic approach and ability to route calls across multiple providers is a solution that is not widely known in the business industry but would benefit many verticals that rely on telephony to support their business.”

Automatic Call Failover

To ensure calls to Certified Languages get through to the interpreters, automatic call failover was put in place implemented to prevent problems before they come up.

“The auto re-routing is so efficient; we’d look at a dashboard and see an issue, but then also see that the RingSquared system had automatically handled that call traffic challenge before we even noticed. Seeing the automatic failovers be that responsive is amazing,” explains Lengyel.

And if something does come up and Certified Languages does need support in real time, they are backed by RingSquared’s US-based support team that is available 24/7/365.

Creating Meaningful Connections

It is essential people are able to communicate – especially when dealing with a healthcare emergency or business details. Certified Languages connects callers to professional interpreters to help facilitate those crucial conversations.

How Phone Interpreting Works

There are two main ways calls come into Certified Languages:

  • The hospital, bank, or business has a telephone number they call when they need interpreting services — they tell the agent what language they need help with, and their call is routed
  • Or they can call dedicated lines for specific languages, if they know the language and the phone number to connect directly

A small percentage of language speakers call in directly, and Certified Languages’ expert staff can help identify their language and route their call. Additionally, they work with clients to set up customized call routing solutions, including interactive voice response (IVR) and SIP integration.

Certified Languages also provides interpreters over video calls for American Sign Language (ASL) and a growing list of spoken languages.

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Scaling Growth & Increasing Call Loads

Founded in 1996, Certified Languages is one of the largest providers in the industry and utilizes thousands of professional interpreters with industry-specific expertise in over 230 languages.

With 265 full-time employees (including contact centers and remote users) and independent contractor interpreters needing access to the phone system, along with the high volume of inbound calls, they require built-in flexibility to prioritize always-connected uptime.

Understanding the Network Design Process

RingSquared Account Managers and engineers sat with Certified Languages to fully understand their unique needs to begin the partnership, creating a solution that could handle the company’s consistent year-over-year growth and many active users.

“RingSquared was and is proactive about providing network diagrams for everyone from our engineers to the leadership team explaining their solutions, what products we use, and how the lines work,” says Lengyel. “We rely on those documents to this day.”

Expanding the Right to Language

Certified Languages firmly believes that language access is a human right. With a business focused on the language speakers and how they can help them, they require partners who also highly value customer service and support.

RingSquared Testimonial from Donna Lengyel, Telecommunications Systems & IT Project Management at Certified Languages International
Through seven years of partnership, RingSquared enterprise voice solutions connect callers with Certified Languages when they need help the most, providing essential on-demand phone interpreting.

RingSquared’s Support for the Language Services Industry Goes Beyond Client Partners

RingSquared is pleased to support Association of Language Companies, an international language services trade association, as a Bronze Sponsor.

Created in part by Certified Languages’ founder, current CEO Kristin Quinlan currently serves on the ALC Board of Directors.

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