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Cloud PBX Solutions

VoIP connectivity solutions and phone systems give you the always-connected performance, security & flexibility to connect your employees and clients from anywhere.

Get seamless, end-to-end optimization of your voice and data for maximum business performance

Moving your business communications to a flexible cloud-based system has never been easier – our experts analyze your communication needs, select the best voice and data solutions, and present you with flexible options that optimize future company growth and give your teams the tools they need for success.​

Cloud PBX solutions by RingSquared™ includes VoIP phone service, superior Internet connectivity, SIP trunking, UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-WAN, and more.

Ask us today about your custom built, best-fit VoIP phone system.


Why Choose a Cloud Phone System?

Get the modern, flexible phone system your business needs to improve call performance and support in-office and remote users.

RingSquared’s VoIP phone systems give you cloud-based solutions for placing voice calls over your Internet connection instead of phone lines – and it’s compatible with desktop office phone, softphones, and more for flexible office setups.

And because we know that no two companies are alike, our experienced RingSquared team is here to help you create the best business phone system for your company’s needs. Create a simple PBX solution, a high-volume UCaaS, or a hybrid mix (including different options for each office). Our experts work with you to understand your business needs, evaluate every option and provider, and design a custom best-fit cloud phone system.

  • Customize Your Business Connectivity


    With RingSquared, you’re never tied to a one carrier solution. As a private solutions provider, we’ll research and report on all available voice and internet solutions to your organization’s locations and recommend the best-fit products for your communication and connection needs.

    You’ll work with our engineers to design connectivity, any on-site equipment for bandwidth management, security and backup Internet – always ensuring you’ll stay connected.

  • Cloud-Based Phone Systems


    VoIP based business phone systems give you high-quality, secure access to premium voice calls with your customers and teams – all over your Internet connection!

    Featuring high-quality voice performance for better customer experiences, your callers will appreciate the lack of delays, choppiness, and dropped calls.

    Take advantage of our 30 years of cloud-based and telecom experience to ensure your business is running without interruptions, no matter your location.

  • Who Uses Cloud PBX Solutions?


    Our flexible Cloud PBX VoIP plans are used by a wide range of businesses, including:

    • Start-ups with one location, using only basic voice & data connections
    • Enterprise business with multiple offices each requiring voice & data
    • Clients with offices in different regions, resulting in each office using different providers
    • And more
    • Healthcare centers requiring secure connectivity, backup service, and a fully architected network infrastructure.

    Read the RingSquared client stories for more examples of how our best-fit approach works for organizations of every size and type.

  • Support from the RingSquared Team


    Our priority is customer focused, going above and beyond. Your RingSquared team works with you during the onboarding process to design, set up, and launch your new system, while our customer care team is always just a phone call or email away.

    With offices across the United States, the RingSquared team is available 24/7/365.