Numbers Increase Profitability


Having consistent call management is critical. Trust RingSquared™ for your call tracking, routing, and communications platform.


Healthcare continues to go through rapid changes in the way care is delivered. RingSquared works closely with health systems, doctors’ offices, and the agencies who support those clients.

When adding tracking and analytics to a Healthcare related organization, we help track digital campaigns and simplify routing your callers across multiple locations. Reporting and notifications can be shared automatically so weekend callers are never missed and every patient connects to their destination.

Our Healthcare agency partners appreciate the integration capabilities that connect calls and texts to CRM software records.

Other benefits include:

  • Patient engagement increases, year over year
  • Online and offline media and marketing tracking
  • Multiple campaign management in single dashboard views
  • AI Analytics takes campaign insights to a new level with keywords and phrase detection during conversations
  • PII redaction provides secure, privacy-compliant transcription records
  • Confirmation texting and scheduling significantly lowers no-show appointment rates

Health Services

Hearing Assist

Uses bulk tracking phone numbers to measure marketing campaigns. Integrates using RoundTrip® to connect sales data with call tracking.

Health Care Provider Network

Uses the inbound call status to easily verify BUSY and RING NO ANSWER call status throughout the day.

Medical Devices

Uses monthly call count report to see how many people want to be transferred to a live agent, book an appointment, or want their nearest location.


Uses a Dial800 integration to push call data into Salesforce to auto generate new leads from inbound calls.