call data integrations


Seamlessly integrate your data with CRM, ERP, marketing tools, call center software, and more

Integration Features and Benefits

Your data can automatically be sent and received between CallView360 and external systems such as CRM platforms, analytical tools, reporting systems and more.

Pre-Built Integrations
call data integrations
Advanced Services

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    Unify your data across platforms using integration services.


    Benefits of Call Data Integrations

    Whether you opt to use a pre-built integration, build your own through our menu-driven interface, or use our custom integration services, we’re confident that you’ll find a best fit solution for your business use-case.

    As simple or complex of an integration your business needs, RingSquared has perfect solutions and a team of integration experts to guide you along the way.

    • Take Control of Your Data


      It’s your call data; and you should have complete access to every data point being tracked for your business, regardless of the platform. Whether pulling results data to utilize advanced reporting, or sending call and text data out, our open integrations platform gives you complete access and management of how, where, when, and who you want to integrate with your call data.

    • Unified Conversion Reporting


      Merging data is imperative to putting together the complete picture of your communications data. Using RoundTrip® integration reporting, you’ll have a 360 view with end-to-end analytics and reporting.

    • No Programming Needed


      Using our openAPI framework, you can create real-time or scheduled data integrations. Get started with menu-driven interfaces, and user-friendly guides to help your data flow between programs without the need for custom code or programming.