Advanced Call Tracking and Analytics for Better Call Data

AI Analytics

Optimize your customers' experience and grow conversions and revenue with AI-driven speech and text analytics software.

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    It's time to get a whole new understanding of your customers.


    Benefits of
    AI Analytics

    How can you easily track if a new product is gaining popularity? What about if a customer is angry or a call goes poorly?

    With Voice Analytics AI data, you can.

    With this data, you can evaluate calls and spot patterns in keyword use and sentiment. This can help you respond quickly to changing customer requests and drive more conversions.

    • Track Call Quality at Scale


      Your calls are valuable, each representing a potentially new or more loyal customer. Listening to recordings with AI Keyword timing and keyword analytics can give you immediate insight into overall sentiment. From there, you can calculate live, daily, weekly or monthly call scores and sentiments ratings.

    • Save Time with Automatic Insights


      Utilize AI Analytics as part of your business development process. With time-saving features, you can automatically compile your call analytics and deliver summarized results on-screen, in your inbox, or send to any of your sales and marketing systems.

    • Convert More Callers to Customers


      With a new understanding of what your customers are most interested in and what their objections or complaints are, you can optimize your conversations to achieve higher conversion rates. Talk to our Business Development team to discuss strategy.

    • 3 Steps to Using AI Analytics


      First: Decide Which Analytics You Want
      With many different types of AI analytics data you can gather, the first and most important step is to figure out exactly what you want.

      The data you get is only as helpful as you make it, so if you only want a quick preview consider sticking with call scoring or sentiment ranking because they sort calls using our AI tools into Great/Good/Not Good/Bad categories that are easy to review.

      If you have some very important keywords, however, setting up keyword tagging profiles to sort out customer communications that use those keywords would be worth your time. Dial800 gives you hundreds of data points on every customer interaction, so there are many ways you can approach the information and how you use it!

      Second: Set Up Analytics Features

      Depending on the data you want to gather, Dial800 has several AI analytics tools you can choose from:

      Third: Include AI Analytics Data in Reports
      When creating your automated reports in CallView360®, you can add the data from your analytics and tagging profiles to your reports. This helps organize the data in an easy-to-understand format that is delivered directly to you.