Numbers Increase Profitability


Deliver key advertising tracking data to your educational organization.


Effective communication with students, families and communities is a critical component to any educational institution. From public school systems to colleges and universities, phone systems and telecommunications can often span across multiple buildings and systems.

Additionally for schools with multiple locations, it is imperative that existing and prospective students reach the right campus to connect with the staff that can meet their needs.

Many Leading Schools & Institutions Depend On RingSquared™ to

  • Intelligently route calls to educational consultants with the right knowledge that are located at the appropriate campus
  • Leverage IVR and call recording capabilities to capture calls during non-business hours
  • Increase response through the use of toll-free numbers that are easy for prospective students to recall

Occupational Safety & Health Services

Access Compliance

Upgraded to cloud-based UCaaS after their old phone system went down, giving the business better voice performance and system reliability.

Financial Advice Agency

Use automated alerts anytime calls go unanswered so that they can divert calls to another group, ensuring no calls are dropped.