Numbers Increase Profitability


Managing your franchise marketing is critical to generating new leads for your franchise business and for franchisees.


Leads are a franchise’s lifeblood. How they handle inbound calls, track customers, and direct calls to their closest franchise location matters.

That’s why many of the country’s most successful franchises use RingSquared™ to help make sure their inbound lead funnel is optimized.

RingSquared Helps Franchise Businesses By

  • Increasing volume of inbound leads by using toll-free numbers that are easy for prospects to recall.
  • Tracking and analyzing marketing campaign performance to focus on the best performing channels for franchise leads.
  • Using AccuRoute®, intelligent call routing to send leads to the most relevant geo-targeted franchisee.
  • Analyze calls with AI driven analytics tools to make sure that prospect’s questions are answered accurately and efficiently.

Occupational Safety & Health Services

Access Compliance

Upgraded to cloud-based UCaaS after their old phone system went down, giving the business better voice performance and system reliability.

Health & Wellness Retail Product


Uses call tracking and routing profiles to increase the effectiveness and performance of direct response marketing campaigns.

Health Services

Hearing Assist

Uses bulk tracking phone numbers to measure marketing campaigns. Integrates using RoundTrip® to connect sales data with call tracking.

Health & Wellness

Uses location-based call routing to send inbound calls to different stores based on the caller’s location.