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When their aging phone system went down, one risk management company upgraded to RingSquared’s cloud-based reliability

Access Compliance, a women and veteran-owned risk management company, specializes in occupational health, safety training, regulatory compliance, and industrial hygiene training throughout the Northeast.

But they had an emergency of their own when the business phone system went down, and they called in the experts at RingSquared to create a flexible and modern solution in record time.

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How to Phase Out Older Technology?

In business for over 15 years, Access Compliance relied on a local in-office PBX phone system to handle all their calls that was 20 years old. It was not worth investing in this dated technology; finding qualified technicians and parts for legacy equipment would have been a short-term fix, not a long-term solution.

They investigated options to figure out the next steps but were unsure about the new cloud-based technology. Unfortunately, one night the phone system went down and had to be replaced immediately.

If your on-premise PBX is reaching its end-of-life performance, consider RingSquared UCaaS and custom Business VOIP solutions.

Quick Responses Needed When Phones Go Down

Kevin O’Brien, EHS Director at Access Compliance
Kevin O’Brien, EHS Director at Access Compliance

Like many businesses, Access Compliance relies on their phone system. Spending days, or possibly weeks, without working phone lines would hurt their company – so when they reached out to RingSquared, the team reacted quickly.

The team quickly put together an Internet-based phone system with backup Internet connectivity that fulfilled Access Compliance’s need for a new phone system while sticking to their budget and improving their connection quality.

Transforming your communications is made easy with the RingSquared cloud-based products and services, delivered by our experienced engineering and onboarding teams.

Overcoming Cloud-Based Concerns

Based on their previous research, Access Compliance knew they were likely going to replace the in-house PBX with a cloud-based solution, but they had some questions first.

“I had some concerns going to an Internet-based phone system,” Kevin O’Brien, EHS Director at Access Compliance, explains. “Losing clarity, dropped calls – but the system works flawlessly.”

For clients unfamiliar with cloud-based or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), there are many benefits:

  • RingSquared’s cloud-based phone solutions can include SD-WAN with dual connections, allowing your phone system to choose the best available connection
  • Using a network of redundant facilities, RingSquared’s carrier-grade network is incredibly reliable for better business performance including geographic & carrier failover
  • Newer phone systems feature better integrations & tools to optimize customer and team communications
  • Easy remote access even when you’re not on site because the system is cloud-based

Better Performance & Reliability with RingSquared

“One of the biggest concerns I had with switching to an Internet-based phone system: if my Internet is down, my phones are down, and that would be a deal breaker for us,” explains O’Brien. But with the RingSquared network, their new phone system now has built in backup to prevent those exact problems.

With a new phone system that can back up calls in real-time onto the RingSquared network, Access Compliance knows their calls won’t be dropped. And a better phone system means better customer experiences for all of Access Compliance’s callers!

“I think that the level of service you provide is second to none. It’s truly extraordinary.”

Continuing to Grow into Future Needs

The biggest benefit of their new phone system so far has been the ease of use and maintenance. If they need a new phone, they can just order one without needing a technician to come out to install and set it up.

“It was a no brainer for us to stay with RingSquared; having that relationship with an account manager, having a company you can call when you have an issue. Finding a company you can trust and talk with, who has a vested interest in solving your problem – that’s the way to go,” O’Brien says of his experience with the RingSquared team. “With RingSquared, it’s worked really well for us.”

Next up for Access Compliance and RingSquared are more planned upgrades to the system, moving to an even more robust cloud-based system for better reliability and performance and in the future.

RingSquared Testimonial from Access Compliance

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