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    Access one of the largest online 800 number inventories with RingSquared to get premium business numbers.


    Benefits of RapidRecall®

    Choosing the best fit toll free or vanity numbers for branding, tracking, and marketing attribution is easy with RingSquared’s online toll free number search.

    Because every RapidRecall® number is integrated with our robust call tracking, routing, and analytics platform, you’ll not only increase calls and texts to your business, you’ll be able to track their source, the quality of the calls, conversion rates, and more!

    • Grow Your Brand


      An 800 number is essential for your company. A highly memorable 800 number ensures that your customers easily remember and identify a phone number with your brand. The right RapidRecall® 800 number associated with your company reinforces your advertising, value proposition, and differentiation all at once.

    • Why True 800 Numbers Matter


      Using true 800 numbers for your branding, call conversion optimization, and marketing attribution can increase leads and sales by 25% or more.

      RingSquared focuses on providing large inventories of 800 prefix toll free numbers. Search our inventory, then choose your call tracking plan online.

    • Powerful Conversion Tracking


      Once you’ve selected your new toll free numbers, review and select the call tracking and analytics plan that will be key in routing, tracking, and analyzing your call results. Whether you’re just getting started optimizing your inbound calls or are an enterprise-level client – we have the perfect plan for you.