Numbers Increase Profitability

Direct Response

RingSquared™ is the trusted leader in delivering direct response media tracking and analytics.

Direct Response

Whether you’re a TV or radio advertiser, or rely on the web or print to generate leads, RingSquared’s optimization suite can help you.

RingSquared and PDMI

RingSquared is a proud founding member of the Performance Driven Marketing Institute.

How RingSquared Can Help Direct Response Agencies

  • Increase you inbound leads by 25%–69% by leveraging our bank of easy-to-remember toll-free numbers, RapidRecall
  • Enable you to gather vital consumer data including demographics and even listen to consumer calls with one easy click
  • Empower you with the ability to route calls to multiple call centers – even individual operators – so that your leads are sent to your best performers, increasing close rates and overall ROI

Ad Agency

DX Media Direct

Uses tracking phone numbers to measure client marketing campaigns and evaluate ROI. Easily manages client sub accounts, including usernames and passwords, and creates custom reports.

Direct-to-consumer home & lawn products

Snow Joe

Centralized tracking, number management & call routing for better campaign performance.