Call routing and call flows with AccuRoute®


Use customizable call routing software and deliver the best experience for your customers

Call Routing Software Features & Benefits

AccuRoute® instantly gathers data points from every call and routes them based on your customized call flows to the most effective destination. With unlimited routing profiles available and endless combinations of criteria, you’ll not only give your customers a seamless experience, you’ll also optimize your call routing for the best conversions and ROI.

Set up unlimited call routing profiles with our on-screen call flow designer.


Benefits of AccuRoute®

Call routing is more than just technology; it’s an advanced solution for one of the most important channels of communication with your customers.

Implementing custom call flows can maximize the outcome of every call and increase customer satisfaction with your business. With AccuRoute®, you can create as many call flows and routing profiles as you need for every type of call or caller.

  • Design Effective Call Flows


    Successful call flows deliver a smooth experience for your customers while simultaneously improving the routing process. That means reduced talk times, logic-based destination matching, and more.

  • Develop Customer Interactions


    Automate routing reports to get scheduled results right to your inbox, giving you a routing health check to keep valuable channels of business performing their best.

  • End-to-End Call Management


    After face-to-face interactions, calls are the next highest communication channel for converting prospects into valuable customers. Dial800 not only provides real-time insights into performance, it automatically detects and alerts you to any issues and tracks, analyzes, and assesses call sources for quality of conversations at scale.