SD-WAN Technology

SD-WAN Solutions

RingSquared’s high-quality voice & network performance for better business continuity.

SD-WAN for Optimum Voice & Data Performance

RingSquared SD-WAN, or Software Defined Wide Area Network solutions, use specialized technology to prioritize your most important systems for optimum connectivity.  SD-WAN allows your business to connect and manage multiple departments, offices, and remote users to a secure, high-performance network.

Using real-time bandwidth management, your RingSquared SD-WAN can balance bandwidth use between dual, redundant internet connections to prioritize key business programs including your VoIP phone calls. This results in better call quality with fewer dropped calls. Stacking SD-Wan on the RingSquared network delivers unmatched performance and uptime.

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Benefits of RingSquared SD-WAN Solutions

With no high up-front costs, modern SD-WAN solutions from RingSquared allowing every business to access enterprise-grade networking. And these flexible, scalable systems can grow with your business, adapting to your needs now and in the future.

Why Do Our Clients Choose SD-WAN?

  • High-quality voice & data for improved business functionality
  • Seamless failover for more reliable coverage & better uptime
  • Easily connects multiple offices & remote users with one system
  • Superior business continuity with secure, redundant switching & routing facilities

Download the RingSquared SD-WAN brochure for full details.

  • Real-Time Bandwidth Management


    Every RingSquared SD-WAN solution is built upon industry-leading dual VeloCloud connections. This gives your system better performance and increased reliability, essential for keeping key business functions up and running.

    How can the bandwidth management of dual connections help your business performance?

    • Critical applications can be prioritized without being impacted by other programs or user activities
    • Calls have automatic backups for better call quality
    • Bandwidth-intensive programs won’t slow down performance for everyone else
    • Easily adjust to peak usage times when multiple users or programs are running at once

    This is managed automatically, improving your business without intensive time and resources.

  • Improve Call Uptime & Quality​


    SD-WAN performance improvements also extend to your calls, so you don’t have to struggle with dropped or lagging calls.

    With seamless failover, your calls aren’t subject to disruptions in your network connection, bandwidth-heavy programs, or the stress of peak usage by employees during core business hours.

    Instead, your SD-WAN solution automatically switches your call over to a secondary connection for improved call uptime and voice quality.

  • Flexible Online Management


    Create a more efficient and automated management system with SD-WAN’s cloud-based admin features to operate your system securely and efficiently:

    • Remote, browser-based admin portals are accessible from any device in or out of the office
    • Easily track all user activity
    • Manage & prioritize key business programs and call connectivity
    • Quickly log in to update user & system settings at any time
    • Connect & manage multiple office locations and remote users
    • Streamline IT work & resources with easy online tools
    • And much more!