Power Your Organization with RingSquared™ Business Voice

Every connection is critical – RingSquared brings years of experience to optimize your custom-built network of voice and data solutions.

A leader in reliability and business network options, RingSquared serves a diverse customer base of business enterprise, government agencies, contact centers, application providers, and more.


Unified communications built for hybrid work to connect your team's voice, video, meetings, and messaging no matter their location


Centralize and manage your contact center through real-time monitoring, insights, agent tracking, and more

SD-WAN Solutions

Automatically manage your network from anywhere and leverage dual connectivity options, all with built-in security

SIP Trunking Phone Services

Cloud-based business connectivity solutions for higher quality, increased reliability, and improved performance

Call Tracking & Analytics

Real-time inbound & outbound call tracking to provide key business insights using powerful AI-driven analytics

VoIP Phone Service

Harness the benefits of RingSquared's best-fit solutions, offering custom, flexible phone systems that scale to you and your organization

Learn how RingSquared's best-fit communication solutions can streamline & simplify your business management.


Stay Connected with RingSquared Business Voice

With RingSquared, every product, service, and connection for cloud-based business voice  solutions resides on our carrier-grade network that includes geographic redundancy and built-in failover – ensuring your business voice, data & networks stay online and connected.

SIP Trunking

The RingSquared Difference

RingSquared takes a best-fit approach to every client’s unique needs, creating custom solutions fit just for you.

Save time and resources by centralizing key business communication tools with RingSquared and utilizing cloud-based platforms for easy management from anywhere.

Experienced Teams

20,000 valued customers, millions of minutes managed, and 75+ years of leadership experience.

SD-Wan Solutions
Business Continuity

Keep your business communications up and running with RingSquared industry-leading voice and data performance.

Flexible & Customizable

Scale up and down quickly as your business needs require with RingSquared cloud and software-based solutions.

Unparalleled Performance

Switching facilities with Ribbon’s Sonus 7000 platform & Microsoft’s Metaswitch in a geo-redundant architecture.

Here to Support You

RingSquared’s dedicated support teams are located throughout the US, offering 24/7/365 live service.

RingSquared In the News

RingSquared receives perfect score from State of New York100% Score

RingSquared Receives Perfect Score and Commendation by New York State Public Service CommissionRead the press release

Powerful Partnerships

As a private solutions provider, RingSquared evaluates all available voice and data providers and only selects the best options when building your custom communication solutions.

Rely on the RingSquared Team

RingSquared brings the best in high-quality scalable voice, data, and tracking solutions, and our tried & tested infrastructure supports even the most taxing requirements.

  • Headquartered in New Jersey with offices in key cities across the United States to best serve our clients
  • Facilities are deployed in a geographically redundant architecture across California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington
  • US-based support team is available 24/7 to answer questions, troubleshoot, provide trainings, update accounts, and more

How can we partner with you to transform your business communications?

Our Clients

See what sets RingSquared apart from the rest with our client stories and testimonials.

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The auto re-routing is so efficient; we’d look at a dashboard and see an issue, but then also see that the RingSquared system had automatically handled that call traffic challenge before we even noticed. Seeing the automatic failovers be that responsive is amazing.

Donna Lengyel, Telecommunications Systems and IT Project Management. , Certified Languages International

The level of service that RingSquared provides is second to none, it’s truly extraordinary.

Kevin O’Brien, EHS Director, Access Compliance

We had high expectations when we initially met with RingSquared, and we are happy to say that they have delivered. They are staffed by responsive industry professionals who continue to prove we made a sound decision to go with RingSquared.

Richard Harris, IT Consultant for Town of Kent, Town of Kent

The unified communications rollout was simple, making our experience seamless. RingSquared has streamlined processes, making it easy for our staff to get up and running quickly. Messages can be unified into a single box, so we can forward, share and respond from any device.

Tyler Carey, CRO, Westchester Publishing

The UCaaS project allowed Unity House to decrease our cost, eliminate multiple bills and paperwork, and consolidate our outdated telephone systems at multiple locations into one easy-to-use system.

Gina Couture, Assistant Director Unity House, Unity House

There’s never a time when Account Managers and support agents aren’t available – there’s always someone there when I need them, no matter what. The high level of service separates this company from everyone else.

Mike Danbury, VP of Operations & Partnerships , OpenJar Concepts

We used to have multiple call tracking and analytics vendors. We quickly realized they offered everything we needed and more.

Joshua Simington, Administrator , Door-Mart Garage Doors

Best in class call tracking experience. I’ve been with them for 10 years, they provide excellent service, and are responsive to input. I’ve tried other call tracking companies and this is by far the best.

Buddy Vaughn, Managing Partner , DX Media Direct

Their routing systems have allowed us to improve the consumer order experience and aggregate campaign and call center data to identify and understand performance trends.

Leveraging the campaign-level data from the platform provides another view into who we are reaching and how effective our campaigns are across different geographies.

Jordan Appel, Brand Manager , Cubii
Ringsquared reviews

Their platform is extremely intuitive, the amount of data is excellent, and their employees are also top notch.

Nick Naylor, Co-Owner, Hearing Assist
Inbound Prospect

The recent changes they helped us make with our call routing is a game-changer. We’re now able to qualify inbound callers through automated IVR menus which has immediately reduced call center costs.

Scott Couto, CEO, Inbound Prospect

With the essential tracking numbers, call routing, and caller data you provide, G4 will continue to deliver powerful campaign results and higher profits for our clients.

Paul Yeafoli, Advertising Media Consultant , G4 Media

“If a client is looking to embark on performance-based direct response marketing, RingSquared should definitely be in the mix.”

Lauren Sahalon, VP of Special Projects, Snow Joe

After testing them initially with a smaller account, we quickly moved on to implement with a much larger client. To be able to have access to all of this data truly helps drive our marketing campaign decisions.

I love the interface; the UI and reporting are awesome.

The support team is extremely responsive. Whenever we have account questions or requests they’re addressed very quickly and they are always available to help quickly facilitate changes.

Eric Leimkuhler, Managing Partner, NetTheorem
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I can’t say enough about the personal touches created by the RingSquared Account Managers and all the technicians. We converted to their Internet-based platform for all of our calling several years ago and were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the transition was and the quality of calls was much improved. The auto attendant feature has made our lives so much easier, and we have never missed a call. We just renewed our agreement with them because their rates are very competitive, especially given the quality of service they offer.

Cherrie Sayles, Say Real Estate

The RingSquared team went above and beyond with great customer service for our account. We utilize their services for multiple lines split over 4 locations, so not an easy task. Due to an error on our part, we accidentally canceled a line and RingSquared got us back up and running in a day. Highly recommend using their services.

Mike Baden, Town of Rochester Supervisor, Town of Rochester
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Ringsquared reviews
Inbound Prospect
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