Prior to RingSquared, all phone numbers in our client campaigns were managed directly by the client. This created a blind spot in our ability to track results. By converting to these toll free numbers and call tracking, we now have all the data to help us drive better results and make marketing decisions based on complete campaign results. Now we have the ability to see call duration, listen to call recording for call value, and have automated reporting sent to us weekly. It’s working out very well.

The automated reporting and other insights have proven to be very helpful in confirming the value of the leads being generated. We’re now able to provide clients with weekly summaries that effectively show comparisons of campaign responses and provide validity to the results that they’re seeing.

An unexpected benefit has been the call routing and call connection oversight that comes with CallView360 call tracking. We recently discovered and were able to quickly report on capacity issues our clients were unknowingly experiencing. Using call analytics and reporting, we were able to show them the issue of dropped calls that was happening regularly and having a negative impact on their conversions. Once this was resolved, the client quickly saw a lift in new direct-mail sales.Eric_Leimkuhler_NetTheorem

The end goal at NetTheorem is to make the campaign math work for our clients and to provide them with as much for their marketing dollar as possible. RingSquared has taken campaign performance and results to the next level.