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All Industries

RingSquared™ brings success to companies in many industries, learn more about how we can help your business.

All Industries Benefit from RingSquared

Whether you’re a TV or radio advertiser, or rely on the web or print to generate leads, RingSquared’s optimization suite can help you.

We have worked with businesses large and small to help manage their phone numbers, call routing, tracking, and analytics across industries. Every business needs to best handle leads and customer communication to increase revenue and customer retention.

With RingSquared You Can:

  • Connect remote employees, multiple offices, and every department with UCaaS solutions
  • Improve productivity & business performance with superior voice and data, including built-in failover
  • Increase you inbound leads by 25%–69% by leveraging our bank of easy-to-remember toll-free numbers, RapidRecall
  • Enable you to gather vital consumer data including demographics and even listen to consumer calls with one easy click
  • Empower you with the ability to route calls to multiple call centers – even individual operators – so that your leads are sent to your best performers, increasing close rates and overall ROI

Occupational Safety & Health Services

Access Compliance

Upgraded to cloud-based UCaaS after their old phone system went down, giving the business better voice performance and system reliability.

Home Services

Door-Mart Garage Doors

Uses local tracking phone numbers on regional landing pages & the ability to switch between different outbound phone numbers to serve customers across the state.


Unity House

Uses consolidated phone system to simplify management & improve voice and data performance across multiple locations with a cloud-based solution.

Direct-to-consumer home & lawn products

Snow Joe

Centralized tracking, number management & call routing for better campaign performance.


1-800 Water Damage

Uses advanced call routing rules in AccuRoute® to create custom routing profiles that connect clients to the right franchise stores and brands.

Consumer Blinds

Budget Blinds

Uses advanced call routing to connect callers to the right stores and prevent call loss. Uses hundreds of memorable toll free numbers to increase call volume.

Window Replacements

Uses localized marketing campaigns and routes clients by caller geographic location to connect them with their local dealers.

Metal Supplier/Provider

Uses location-based call routing to send inbound calls to one of 86 different locations based on closest location to the caller.

Outdoor Tools & Solutions

Uses real-time alerts to automatically trigger an email if a caller to their call center gets a busy signal, ensuring new leads aren’t abandoned.

Household Goods Wholesaler

Uses after-hours call routing that automatically sends alerts based on the type of call so high-priority calls are handled quickly.