Door-Mart Garage Doors

Executing large-scale marketing campaigns with region-based dynamic tracking numbers

Door-Mart Garage Doors LogoProviding garage door repair, installation, and maintenance to consumers across California, Door-Mart Garage Doors needs an easy way to track all their phone numbers and calls across multiple websites, landing pages, and ad campaigns.

In business for over 40 years, Door-Mart Garage Doors provides same day service in most areas so being able to quickly contact customers is another key to their continued success.

Using bulk tracking numbers for their campaigns and a unique solution for making outbound calls, Door-Mart Garage Doors will continue to grow their business and improve their marketing campaigns.

Going From Multiple Providers to One Central Solution

When Door-Mart Garage Doors started working with RingSquared eight years ago, it was for bulk tracking numbers to place on landing pages for a single web campaign.

“Originally, we had multiple providers to cover our call tracking, analytics and routing, and just used RingSquared for call tracking on static numbers for a web campaign,” Joshua Simington, Door-Mart Garage Doors Administrator, explains. “As we got to know RingSquared and their capabilities better, we shifted everything over to the platform and started adding tracking and analytics to everything we could – every ad, every media campaign, just to get those analytics pulled in.”

Local Solutions for Local Markets

With locations all over California to handle repair, installation, and maintenance, Door-Mart Garage Doors needed a way to connect with homeowners in each market they serve.

Using DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion), Door-Mart Garage Doors can place tracking numbers on all their websites and campaigns for each website and ad. Regional landing pages, one for each city or area they service, get local business phone numbers to better connect with homeowners who would recognize the area code.

With RingSquared, Door-Mart Garage Doors agents can even dial outbound calls using those local phone numbers to contact customers. Originally a custom-built solution to give Door-Mart Garage Door agents the ability to switch between outbound numbers when making calls, RingSquared has now improved that service and is rolling out business phone services out to all customers.

“One big thing that really sets you apart from others is your customer service,” says Simington. “Always quick responses, custom solutions, very very responsive.”

Surprising Call Tracking Data Leads to Better Results

“I’ve been really surprised with the ROI results – where did that come from? Really being able to nail down, strategically, which media and markets we want to be in. It also helps show us that something is or isn’t profitable for negotiating marketing campaigns.”

This call tracking data has shown that phone book campaigns are still profitable, even in the digital age. Call data shows that these ads help Door-Mart Garage Doors reach a different demographic they don’t see on their website or targeted landing pages.

Going forward, Door-Mart Garage Doors will continue to use RingSquared for local tracking numbers and gather call tracking and analytics data to measure ad campaign success as they launch new websites and move into new markets. That information helps them properly dedicate their advertising budget, focusing on the ads and campaigns that drive the most calls and revenue.

“Customer service has always been top notch,” says Simington of the account management team. “Everyone we’ve been assigned to, we’ve been treated very well. Very responsive and service focused.”