Kall8 - Powered by RingSquared™

RingSquared's standalone, self-service Business phone management is easy with affordable local & toll free numbers, mobile app, and included features.

Streamlined Services with Kall8


RingSquared’s Kall8 brand specializes in affordable local and toll free business phone numbers with easy-to-use account management features designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business and those that want to have a flexible way to manage their communications.

Kall8 serves over 25 thousand customers with their wide range of toll free numbers, online management tools, and real-time call tracking.

With over 30 years of experience, Kall8’s team is located in Seattle, Washington, and offers 24/7 customer support.

  • Affordable Local & Toll Free Numbers


    With Kall8 large number base you can choose from these number types:

    • Standard US toll free numbers
    • Repeater numbers, for better recall
    • Vanity numbers, for better brand awareness
    • Premium numbers, including 800 area code

    All numbers include a one-time setup fee and monthly costs as low as $5.

  • Easy Account Management


    Kall8’s built-in account management tools include:

    • Change ring-to number
    • Call history reports
    • Call analytics
    • Real-time call information
    • Monitor voicemail & recorded calls
    • Free mobile app for easy remote access
  • Included Features with Every Number


    With every Kall8 business phone number you get:

    • Free mobile app for Android, Windows & iOS
    • Voicemail & fax
    • Virtual calling card
    • Caller ID display
    • Conference calling
    • Call blocking
    • Custom call forwarding
    • Call notification emails
    • Set maximum call length