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Contact Center as a Service

RingSquared™’s flexible, cloud-based CCaaS solutions for high-volume contact centers expands your organization.

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    Benefits of RingSquared CCaaS Solutions

    With the RingSquared CCaaS, you can create modern contact centers that equip both in-office and remote agents with responsive tools for optimal customer experiences and streamlined workflows. Real-time monitoring and custom reporting allows for better agent oversight and management, improving customer satisfaction and business success.

    Why Do Our Clients Choose CCaaS?

    • Create multiple custom inbound queues
    • Built-in reporting for agents, queues, teams & more
    • Flexible cloud-based agent tools for easy access
    • Superior continuity with secure, redundant switching & routing facilities

    Download the RingSquared CCaaS brochure for full details.

    • Gain Key Business Insights


      CCaaS built-in reporting tools make it easier than ever to track the results of your teams. With flexible reporting options and data points to pull in your agent ratings, call volumes, key business stats, and more in real time, you can stay on top of contact center performance.

      Key reporting features:

      • Agent-level & queue-level reports
      • Call tracking & analytics data
      • Billing data if your center bills customers or businesses per call
      • Work force management reporting
      • Custom reporting available
    • Monitor Your Center in Real Time


      Monitor your contact center’s data in real time – RingSquared’s CCaaS platform shows every agent’s call, monitors their workflows, reviews their activity, and creates reports for easy review.

      The daily global dashboard shows key center statistics for better oversight:

      • Received calls
      • Calls in queues
      • Voice mail
      • Abandoned rate
      • Service level
      • Wait times
      • Talk times
      • And more

      The agent dashboard tracks every agent activity including:

      • Who is currently logged in
      • Who is currently available
      • Other agent status including wrap up, lunch, or break
      • Agents on calls
      • Daily agent stats for calls, transfers, missed calls & more

      You can also log agents in and out, send chat messages and whisper messages to agents, butt into calls, and more.

      With RingSquared CCaaS you can also see each queue and its current call statuses, run reports on callbacks, and review daily IVR stats.

    • Connect & Track Remote Agents


      Because CCaaS is cloud-based, there’s no expensive on-site hardware to install or maintain and it scales up as your contact center grows.

      This cloud-based platform also makes it easy for in-office and remote workers to access all your communications tools – ideal for contact centers with multiple offices, WFH or hybrid schedules, and full-time remote employees. Built-in agent scheduling can be used as a workforce management tool to create agent schedules and monitor their daily activities.

      Even when connecting remotely or using their own phones, you have access to all agent activities for better oversight and management.

    • Create Custom Queues & Menus


      With CCaaS you can set up multiple simultaneous call queues improve customer satisfaction – faster queue positioning and escalation enables your agents to take more calls, convert more leads, and capture more revenue.

      One way to help callers navigate your queues is with skill-based routing. Within each agent’s profile you can assign them skills, such as languages they speak, and then route calls to only the skilled agents when callers select those options. For agents in multiple queues, you can see queue priority so the most important calls will always route to them first.

      RingSquared CCaaS also supports IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, a popular choice when you need to collect caller information such as account numbers or case IDs. You can also create short bulletins to add to your IVR menus at any time – these are often used to announce modified holiday hours, emergency notifications, changes to the menu options, and more.

      The built-in IVR tool allows you to build and update your menu at any time, or our in-house experts can help manage it.

    • Better Network Reliability


      For carrier-grade network performance, our CCaaS connects to RingSquared’s upgraded switching and routing facilities.

      Located in six states for geographical redundancy, our switching facilities feature Ribbon’s Sonus 7000 platform and Microsoft’s Metaswitch technology. Keep essential contact center operations running with high-quality connections, uninterrupted service, seamless call failover, and more.

      This reliability enhances customer experiences and improves agent workflows at no additional cost or oversight to your business.

    Frequently Asked CCaaS Questions

    • Who Can Use CCaaS Solutions?


      CCaaS solutions help streamline customer communications – our system is used by dedicated call centers, medium to large businesses, franchises, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

      If you handle inbound calls that need to be routed and distributed to multiple agents, or you need easier oversight of your agent activities, RingSquared CCaaS can help.

    • Is CCaaS Compatible with Our Existing Systems?


      Yes – our CCaaS solution runs over top of your existing phone system, and other contact center or business platforms you may be using can be integrated. Our CCaaS is also compatible with multiple desktop and softphone options.

      When creating reports, you can also export them and load them via FTP if you need the data in another location.

    • How Can CCaaS Help Us Measure Customer Satisfaction?


      Available with Enterprise CCaaS packages, you can enable post-call customer satisfaction surveys. This flexible system allows up to add 10 questions, along with custom welcome and farewell text, to collect customer reviews and ratings.

    • What Call Routing Options are Included?


      You have many call routing options within your CCaaS solution. If you add skills to your agent profiles, you can use skill-based routing; you can also select geo-routing, preferred agent routing, dialed number routing, caller-directed menu routing, or automatic call distribution.

    • Can We Record Calls?


      Yes – by default, call recording is enabled in the RingSquared CCaaS. For caller security, all recordings are PCI, SSAI, and HIPPA compliant.

      Recording also includes chat and emails sent to customers through the CCaaS.

      Call recordings are retained in the contact center platform for 30 days. If you need to retain those recordings for a longer period of time, there are options like FTP and AWS integration.

    • What Management Tools are There When Monitoring Live Calls?


      When your agents are on a call, you have several management tools to help listen in and assist with the call.

      Supervisors can barge into calls to listen in at any time (and agents can flag their calls for help if needed). If you want to communication only with the agent, you can whisper message or chat them while they are on the call. You can also transfer calls if they need to be escalated.