OpenJar Concepts

Full-service agency looks to react quickly to consumer trends with easily managed call routing

OpenJar Concepts, a full-service advertising and direct response agency, has over a decade of experience building long-term client relationships. Their team provides everything from lead generation to logo designs and print ads for their clients, and requires that same level of flexibility from their own service providers.

That’s why they have come to rely on RingSquared’s full suite of business phone programs including call routing, a large database of tracking phone numbers, and call data integrations. With all their client accounts managed in one place, OpenJar can quickly react to new campaigns and consumer trends to consistently optimize their client’s inbound leads.

High-Volume Call Routing Requires Responsive Partners

OpenJar originally came to RingSquared because they needed a more detailed approach to call routing. Their accounts often share phone numbers, states, and coverage hours – they needed routing that could manage this overlap and still retain each account’s unique features and call data.

As their business grew, OpenJar also required a flexible system that would allow them to regularly add and remove numbers, and move those numbers between accounts. For internal tracking and billing, OpenJar wanted to report and integrate all their call data and usage minutes.

Using a combination of CallView360® call routing features, OpenJar now has access to a customizable system that saves them time and resources by bundling so many key platforms into one account.

Service and Support Always Available When Clients Need It

Open Jar Concepts and Tracy Scarborough Mike Danbury, VP of Operations and Partnerships, has been involved in OpenJar’s account from the beginning. “There’s never a time when Account Managers and support agents aren’t available – there’s always someone there when I need them, no matter what. The high level of service separates RingSquared from everyone else.”

A RingSquared client for six years, Danbury has used the help of agents to establish a call routing and number management system that works best for OpenJar’s constantly changing accounts.

Even with thousands of numbers and over 200 routing profiles, the all-in-one approach is still easy to oversee. “With the way we manage things, I can’t imagine not having the steps and layers we have now” Danbury explains on why he uses the AccuRoute® platform. “Especially early on when learning the system, the high level of service separates them from everyone else.”

A Customizable System that Adapts to Each Account’s Needs

Within AccuRoute®, OpenJar organizes all their call routing within groups. When looking at the call flow charts, these groups make it easy to see every routing option and number assigned to that client account.

Each sub account is created the same way, and every tracking phone number is tagged with its relevant account information. By standardizing how the accounts are set up, OpenJar’s Account Managers can jump into any client account and instantly understand the data and routing they’re looking at. This makes it faster for them to update accounts and change settings to respond to changes in client campaigns.

With the rise of digital and on-demand advertising, clients are now expecting around-the-clock availability. OpenJar can quickly log in to the platform at any time to update numbers and routing rules.

Using Open API Integrations for Data Verification

OpenJar also uses the program’s open API integrations to track the used talk minutes each month. Integrations help clients send call data into their external systems for reporting, customer record updates, and more.

In this instance, the call data integration is used to verify their billing based on the client talk minutes used each month. This helps their team track usage amounts and ensure bills are accurate. The call data can also be used to verify new leads and the numbers they used.

“RingSquared has been a tremendous and influential partner for many years now! Translating our call data into actionable insights powers our campaign performance and business scalability,” says Joshua Guffey, Chief Technology Officer at OpenJar. “The service at RingSquared is second to none.”

Scalability is Key as OpenJar Continues to Grow

OpenJar is a fast-moving agency that provides a wide range of services. From lead generation, design work, and print ads and billboards to photoshoots and commercials, media buying and management, OpenJar is always looking for better ways to serve their clients and create campaigns that drive more engagement.

With new services in the works and new accounts always being onboarded, OpenJar’s complex routing will only continue to grow and improve with the support of RingSquared’s expert staff and powerful platform.