Inbound Prospect

Streamlined Lead Generation: How Call Routing Improves Conversions and Reduces Cost

Inbound Prospect Case Study A RingSquared client of 11 years, InboundProspect provides the next level of pay for performance and customer lead generation services. By partnering with RingSquared, InboundProspect appropriately adjusted its campaigns as new features and technologies emerged to support and enhance service offerings, effectively optimizing its campaign results.

Scott Couto, InboundProspect

“The recent changes they helped us make with our call routing is a game-changer. We’re now able to qualify inbound callers through automated IVR menus which has immediately reduced call center costs,” says Scott Couto, CEO of InboundProspect.

“Working with RingSquared has been great, the whole team has been very responsive to every request we’ve sent their way. Not only that, they were also able to help us automate routing that was a total game-changer for our campaigns.”

Business Offering: Deliver highly effective sales and marketing collateral via direct mail to targeted recipients. InboundProspect includes toll-free tracking numbers to drive inbound calls for financial programs. They also include unique offer numbers on each mailer, matching the program with the recipient.

Solution: The RingSquared team helped develop a multi-conditional IVR that allows callers to input their unique offer numbers to find their matched record in InboundProspect’s CRM. When the client inputs the ID, RingSquared’s automated call routing system pushes the call data into Inbound Prospect’s CRM via API. The CRM then runs a query and returns results back as to whether or not there is a match. If a match is found, call routing then directs the call to the appropriate call center based on the predetermined criteria.

Immediate Benefit: The new criteria-based routing results in eliminating large amounts of talk time from the call and streamlines the user experience. Within seconds of inputting their unique offer number, customers are directed to the agent that is trained and ready to discuss their specific offer, resulting in higher connection and conversion rates.

Long-term Benefits: RingSquared, with InboundProspect, will continue to track call connection with overall conversion rates. By removing steps for the caller, user experience will improve and lead to an increase in overall conversions.