Westchester Publishing

Publishing services company interconnects a distributed workforce using UCaaS for better engagement

Westchester Publishing Services LogoWestchester Publishing Services is the largest U.S.-based pre-press editorial and composition production company for publishers of books, journals, textbooks and white papers. With offices in the U.S., India and United Kingdom, the company was experiencing rapid growth and needed to replace its legacy phone system with an enterprise-class, unified communications platform to interconnect its distributed workforce. While initially based primarily in one office in Connecticut, an increasing number of new hires were working remotely, and the company also opened a new office in Ohio.

Seeking a Better Way to Direct Calls

“With sales, editors, composition and production workers spread across the country and worldwide, our outdated telephone system could not support a distributed workforce,” said Tyler Carey, Chief Revenue Officer. “We needed immediacy for clients to be able to reach their reps, no matter where they were located, rather than have distributed staff dialing into the phone system we had in place in our Connecticut headquarters. We needed a better way for our distributed staff to receive calls from clients no matter where they were, as well as to dial out to clients using a branded Westchester phone number.”

Engaging Customers and Employees Anywhere, on Any Device

RingSquared deployed a robust UCaaS solution to enable Westchester Publishing Services’ staff to easily communicate across geographical locations in an anywhere, anytime world.

Reliable Network Connectivity

Migrated their distributed staff and Ohio office’s telecommunications to RingSquared’s secure, unified communications platform with full visibility into the organization’s multi-location communications environment for real-time client access to staff, and staff access to voicemail and communications tools.

Anytime, Anyplace Collaboration

Synchronized communications across geographical locations allowing teams to communicate in real-time from any distributed location, on the road or anywhere business takes them. Employees could send and receive calls, emails and video conference calls from any device connected to the internet.

Multiple Engagement Channels

Integrated collaboration software offering multi-channel communications. Westchester Publishing Services can now engage employees and customers through phone, video conferencing and voicemail applications using one unified cloud platform.

Tyler Carey, Chief Revenue Officer, explains the benefits of the new system. “The unified communications rollout was simple, making our experience seamless. RingSquared has a streamlined processes, making it easy for our staff to get up and running quickly. Messages can be unified into a single box, so we can forward, share and respond from any device.”

Easy Onboarding and Scaling

Easy-to-use web portal allowed Westchester Publishing Services to prioritize call forwarding and screening, manage voicemail settings and switch around extensions. The company developed a special telephone tree to forward calls and alert other staff members if no one was available. They also created auto-filter rules so voicemails and emails could be shared with multiple people to help resolve customer requests more efficiently.

Easily Managed

The UCaaS environment helps manage and balance bandwidth, apps and devices to ensure reliable connectivity and network performance.

Flexible System Looking Toward Future Growth

Westchester Publishing Services now responds to customer requests faster with pre-configured call routing to alert available staff, regardless of working remotely or on the road. The scalable solution allows for opening new offices using the same unified communications platform.

Advantages include:

  • Anywhere, anytime collaboration and access to distributed workforce
  • Reliable connections with field offices and work-from-home employees
  • Quickly add or remove phones as new offices open or workforce changes
  • Real-time voice and call control, easily add or change users
  • Centralized, real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Boosts productivity with faster response to customer requests

“RingSquared’s unified communications platform removed a lot of past headaches. It also had us positioned to easily switch to working from home during the pandemic. Rather than our staff having to share mobile or home office phone numbers, we were able to move staff to remote working and still maintain the same accessibility at their office numbers using RingSquared’s software-based solution. Our ability to be reached by customers and communicate on projects was seamless … especially when we went into lockdown mode during the COVID pandemic,” continues Carey.

Better Customer Experiences at Westchester Publishing Services

Westchester Publishing Services LogoToday, clients can directly engage with Westchester Publishing Services without missing a beat. The company no longer wastes time emailing and scheduling virtual meetings just to reach their contact. Clients can dial the number on the company’s website or an employee’s email signature and be routed to an available employee, regardless of location.