SD-WAN Technology

SD-WAN Solutions

RingSquared’s high-quality voice & network performance for better business continuity.

Automatic Bandwidth Management

RingSquared SD-WAN solutions are built on dual VeloCloud connections to give your system high-quality performance and reliable service.

How does this work?

  • Bandwidth can be managed & balanced between both connections so large-resource programs won’t slow other business activities
  • Critical applications can be prioritized in the settings to ensure they have the bandwidth resources they need
  • Your system adjusts to peak usage times, so busy periods won’t slow down employee workflow

Built-in Seamless Failover

In addition, your SD-WAN specifically improves voice quality in two key ways:

  • Calls have automatic backup with the second VeloCloud connection to reduce dropped calls
  • Calls can be prioritized so customer communication is always clear without delays or choppiness

By updating your telecommunications system with a powerful and reliable RingSquared SD-WAN, your business will greatly improve both performance and customer service.