Advanced Call Tracking and Analytics for Better Call Data

AI Analytics

Optimize your customers' experience and grow conversions and revenue with AI-driven speech and text analytics software.

AI Keyword Tagging

Quickly learn your callers’ intents and buying behaviors through Conversation Analytics and AI keyword tagging! These AI-powered tools analyze your calls to pull out and tag key data points.

How Can Your Business Use Keyword Tagging?

We make it easy to get started. Voice analytics can be turned on with a click of the mouse and will help answer these questions every business faces today:

  • What are callers asking for most?
  • What keywords do your customers use that you can leverage in your marketing strategy?
  • Which call center produces the best success rates?
  • How do you know when a call goes poorly?
  • Is the overall mood better for your inbound or outbound calls?
  • Which of your call takers converts the most calls?

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What is Voice, Conversation or Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics, also known as voice or conversation analytics, is a set of tools that listen and detect key information from your inbound and outbound phone calls. Data points such as keywords spoken, caller mood, employee call handling performance and more can be automatically reported for instant and meaningful caller insights.