Advanced Call Tracking and Analytics for Better Call Data

AI Analytics

Optimize your customers' experience and grow conversions and revenue with AI-driven speech and text analytics software.

Automated Alerts

Create custom alerts to notify you of calls and texts that need immediate handling, so your team can follow up with customers and manage call and text volume in real time! Our flexible system can create and send automatic notifications when triggered by specific types of inbound calls or texts sending the alerts to you and your team.

When to Use the Automated Call and Text Alerts

  • Ring No Answer calls
  • Disconnected calls
  • Calls that reach a busy signal
  • Calls that go to an overflow number
  • Calls with low sentiment or call score
  • And more

Automated Calls Alerts

Using Automated Alerts

Alerts can be delivered to multiple destinations, primarily email notifications are utilized but they can also be sent to your CRM to generate support cases, to a web endpoint, via FTP, and more.

Automated Alerts are available on every account – View Call Tracking & Analytic plans