Unified Communication as a Service

RingSquared’s cloud-based unified communication solution.

Connect Multiple Locations

Businesses of every size often need to connect multiple locations with a single voice and data system, from a healthcare clinic with three offices to large businesses with warehouses and offices in multiple states across the country.

RingSquared connects every office and every employee to your cloud-based UCaaS solution so they can:

  • Seamlessly collaborate on projects
  • Easy call, email & message each other
  • Access the same tools & files

Easily Connect Remote Workers

Another benefit of RingSquared UCaaS? How easily remote employees can connect to the same network to work seamlessly with the rest of your team!

This includes permanently or part-time WFH setups, temporary contract workers, techs out in the field during their workday, and users needing to log in while traveling for business – there are many remote employees every day who need a reliable connection and access to all the same tools you have in-office.

Remote tools may include softphone apps, browser-based business programs and tools, laptops or other devices connected to the network, and more. RingSquared’s experts will work with your IT department to set up remote access as part of building your custom solution.