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VoIP Phones For Your Business

RingSquared’s cloud-based UCaaS offers multiple VoIP phone options.

Compatible VoIP Phones for Every Need

RingSquared business voice solutions are compatible with a wide range of VoIP business phones. The flexibility of modern IP phones means every user can set up their phone number and workstation exactly how they need:

  • Entry-level desktop phones
  • Touch-screen desktop phones for high-volume users
  • Bluetooth-compatible phones for use with headsets
  • Conference room phones
  • And more

Other Flexible Phone Options from RingSquared

If your employees don’t need a full desktop phone or handset, RingSquared offers other IP phone options for in-office and remote users including:

  • Software or browser-based softphone applications + headsets
  • Softphone apps on smartphones
  • Call forwarding to send calls directly to their cell phone

Add VoIP Phones to Your RingSquared UCaaS

RingSquared’s UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) delivers the connectivity and reliability your business voice and data relies on – and supports all our VoIP phone options to set up each user with a phone and extension in your UCaaS.

See how RingSquared UCaaS solutions support your in-office, remote, and hybrid employees.