Unified Communication as a Service

RingSquared’s cloud-based unified communication solution.

Key Business Integrations

A UCaaS (Unified Communication and a Service) system is more than a business phone system. It connects every part of your business, sharing data and enhancing collaboration to improve employee workflow and business performance.

With a flexible design that integrates into all the popular business programs, your UCaaS solution can:

  • Work with existing phone systems & port over numbers you already have
  • Integrate key programs for email & calendars, including Outlook
  • Integrate messaging programs for instant employee communication
  • Integrate CRM and sales programs including Salesforce

Benefits of Cloud-Based UCaaS

Because UCaaS is all cloud-based, your users and administrators can access these key business tools from anywhere – your other office locations, home offices, while traveling, and more.

This makes it easy to add new programs or tools and roll them out to all users without needing to install software on each work station individually.

RingSquared’s UCaaS also features a separate browser-based portal for administrators to log in and manage the system. This allows them to see user activity, add new users, control settings, update the phone system, and more.