Unified Communication as a Service

RingSquared’s cloud-based unified communication solution.

Business Phone System

Every business needs a reliable phone system, whether you use it for customer calls or internal company communication. Better connect with every caller with a reliable RingSquared system that prioritizes call quality and reduces dropped calls.

RingSquared UCaaS solutions include industry-leading VoIP systems that can work with your existing numbers and phone system to create the flexible, high-quality solution you need.

Why go with a RingSquared UCaaS phone system?

  • Better call quality for improved customer experiences
  • Fewer dropped calls with built-in failover
  • Accommodates in-office & remote users
  • Compatible with desktop phones, headsets & softphones
  • Users get extensions & voicemail boxes

Key Business Phone Features

RingSquared’s UCaaS phone systems include all the features your business needs to easily manage calls:

  • Call queues
  • Auto attendants
  • Ring groups
  • Call forwarding
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call park
  • Video calling