Unified Communication as a Service

RingSquared’s cloud-based unified communication solution.

Collaborative Work Tools

To help boost productivity, the RingSquared UCaaS solutions can integrate many key business tools. Designed to streamline communication and improve workflow, this makes it easy to access all the programs an employee needs (which is managed and overseen by one central administrator portal).

This can include:

  • Business phone system
  • Messaging programs
  • Email programs
  • Sales management programs
  • CRM programs
  • And more

The Benefit of Flexible Work Tools

Cloud-based collaborative tools that are easily accessible to all users make it very easy for employees in different offices or working remotely to work together.

This allows companies to:

  • Be more in their workplace setups
  • Quickly adapt to employees who need to work from home
  • Respond to office closures
  • Look beyond their local area when hiring
  • Easily connect with employees in the field or traveling