RingSquared Citizen Services Webinar Recording

Deliver Better Citizen Communication

Watch the recorded webinar: Deliver Better Citizen Experiences Using Communication Technology

RingSquared Citizen Services Webinar

This webinar is focused on improving citizen communication within public sector organizations including education, justice, utilities, healthcare, public transit, and more.

In this 30-minute session, RingSquared™ addressed many ways to use technology for better communication with your constituents.

Learn how to:

  • Help more citizens with your current resources
  • Discover the most effective ways to engage with your community
  • Create new strategies to handle increased citizen interactions
  • Real public sector use cases for flexible technology tools and their applications


Presented by Shawn Kearney, Vice President for Government and Enterprise at RingSquared, Rob Oscanyan, Director of Product Marketing for Customer Communications, and Chris Crites, Senior Solutions Engineer.

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