Is your phone system aging? Calls getting dropped, bad connectivity, always heading to the server room to restart?

The push towards digital transformation

The Guide to Inbound Call Leadsis having a profound effect on modern marketing, with more businesses adopting multi-channel strategies to attract new customers and score better quality leads. In fact, a 2018 study by International Data Group found that 44% of companies are already moving toward a digital-first approach to business operations and customer engagement.1 While this will come as no surprise to those in the e-commerce space, more traditional organizations may be less familiar with the value of online resources.

Joining the Digital Revolution

Why Phone Calls Still Have Value In The Digital AgeCompanies of all sizes are spending more time and money to improve their websites, develop web-based applications and integrate online lead-generation tools. One reason for this shift is the growing popularity of mobile browsing – research from the marketing firm BrightEdge estimates that close to 57% of all online traffic in the U.S. comes from smartphones and tablets.2 To capitalize on this trend, however, companies must first understand which sources of traffic produce the most actionable and consistent ROI. While it’s true that contact pages and online forms have helped companies connect with potential customers and compile

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