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RingSquared Copper ServicesRingSquared is upgrading and your account will be part of the upcoming 2023 – Q1 project!
You’re receiving advanced notice so that you can schedule your upgrade now, and move your account migration to the front of the line.

Some or all of your RingSquared products and services need to be updated off of Copper-related services. We have been actively converting customers, beginning this year. Copper related services are now being discontinued and have been deregulated as of August 2nd, 2022.  Please read the details about the industry-wide Copper service changes. We have had some clients begin experiencing surcharges on their Copper products and want to protect your account from having this happen.

Read the Official FCC Deregulation Article – FCC Order 19-72A1

We’re here to help – RingSquared is  ready to update your products and services to secure, fiber-based connectivity that will provide your business with faster speeds, increased stability, and  overall better performance while avoiding costly rate increases.

Important: Your dedicated Account Manager has a migration quote that is ready and waiting for you!


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    Stay Connected with Better Solutions

    We want to ensure you stay connected, while at the same time improving your voice and data services with the RingSquared expanded products and solutions.

    Due to the combination of discontinuation, deregulation, and growing instability of copper (POTS) line connectivity, RingSquared is proactively retiring the Copper services we provide to many of our customers.


    Why Do We Need To Update? Why Are You Retiring Copper Line Services?

    As part of RingSquared’s efforts to continuously improve the performance and reliability of the products we provide, we have been proactively upgrading Copper services in advance of the upcoming vendor disconnects starting in Spring 2022. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Order 19-72A1 de-regulated Copper services as of August 2, 2022. Without those regulations, vendors have been raising rates on copper-based services.

    Why is this a Priority Service Migration?

    Some vendors have already put in disconnect dates for copper services and are charging extreme rate increases. If you have received an email or certified mail notification from RingSquared, your account is at risk of high rate increase, and it is especially important to schedule your service update. Your account is part of an upcoming project in Q1 of 2023, but you can schedule your service migration NOW to move your account to the front of the line and avoid delays.

    What is Deregulation? Why Will Costs Increase?

    Copper (POTS) products, per FCC Order 19-72A1, are being deregulated as of August 2, 2022. This deregulation will quickly result in higher costs for all copper-based services, including costs for RingSquared customers with copper services.

    Why are Copper Lines Aging and Unmanaged?

    Simple put, the advancement of cloud-based and fiber connectivity means better service, uptimes, and more options. There are very few reasons to retain Copper services, and RingSquared wants to provide you with the best business communication available on the market. Many regions in the US are already experiencing unreliable connectivity and high maintenance costs related to these dated Copper service lines. Weather events can frequently cause outages due to the more exposed technology used in Copper lines. Newer, more stable and cost-effective technology is available on the market today.


    RingSquared joins other industry leaders such as Verizon and AT&T in moving our customers off legacy Copper products and on to more reliable fiber-based solutions. Here are two recent articles that highlight Verizon and AT&T’s efforts to migrate their own customers to modern, reliable services:

    FCC Order 19-72A1 | AT&T Official Statement | Verizon Statement