RingSquared™ - Dial800

Make every conversation count with Dial800’s detailed call tracking, AI analytics, and customizable call routing software.

Bold Analytics & Meaningful Insights

At Dial800, every call goes further with bold analytics and meaningful insights.

From the large database of toll free, vanity, and premium phone numbers to innovative call tracking software, AI-powered analytics and customizable call routing, Dial800 helps you create a phone system responsive to their needs.

Collecting hundreds of data points for every customer interaction, Dial800 helps you analyze customer behavior for better-informed marketing campaigns.

With 25+ years of client partnerships and business phone services experience, Dial800 serves thousands of businesses every year.

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  • CallView360® Call Tracking Software


    With Dial800’s call tracking software you can easily manage:

    • Detailed phone records
    • Dynamic tracking number insertion
    • Media performance measurements
    • 5 types of custom tags
    • KPI dashboards & reports
    • Real-time ROI results
  • On-Demand AI Analytics


    AI-powered analytics constantly monitor your calls & texts:

    • AI keyword tagging
    • Call scoring & sentiment rating
    • Call quality tracking
    • Call recording & transcription
    • Automated call alerts
    • Real-time insights & reporting
  • AccuRoute® Call Routing


    Create call routing that responds to your business needs:

    • Customizable call flows
    • Flexible menus
    • Call criteria routing
    • Call queue management
    • Call center integrations
    • Remote dial & decision routing
    • Call-back options
  • RapidRecall® Memorable Phone Numbers


    Choose from a huge database of business phone numbers:

    • 800 toll free numbers
    • Vanity numbers
    • Dynamic tracking numbers
    • Local business numbers
    • Bulk tracking numbers
  • Dial800 Open API Integrations


    Integrate your Dial800 data with CRM platforms, analytics tools, reporting systems & more:

    • Pre-build integrations for our most requested programs
    • Do It Yourself integrations for clients with technical skills
    • Advanced services for custom-build integrations
    • RoundTrip® integrations, popular with call centers