Live wires: How incoming calls can drive sales

SIP Trunking Solutions

RingSquared™’s flexible, cloud-based phone systems for high-quality business calling.

Flexible, Scalable Systems

The key advantage of a SIP Trunking phone system compared to a traditional phone system, is the flexibility of the virtual SIP technology. With no need to install physical phone lines or run cables, it’s easier than ever to update and expand your phone system.

And if your business expands a second (or more) location in the future, or wants to accommodate remote employees, your RingSquared SIP Trunking solution can easily scale to include those changes.

Custom Phone System Options

If your needs change in the future, your system can be updated in many ways:

  • Add new numbers & extensions
  • Replace old phones with new models
  • Replace office phones with softphones
  • Update call routing rules