3 Simple Tricks to Using a Vanity Number

Tricks to Using a Vanity Number

Entrepreneurs that acquire memorable 800 numbers enjoy attracting more customers and converting those customer leads into lifelong patrons. However, not all 800 numbers compare equally, as vanity numbers provide more recognition due to catchy words that roll off the tongue of your customers.

The question is not whether vanity phone numbers increase sales, but how to select the perfect vanity phone number for your business and how to make that number work for you.

Don’t Miss Out.

Did you know that an memorable toll free number is the best way for a consumer to contact a business? Businesses who haven’t considered memorable toll free numbers or vanity numbers are missing out, and probably losing to the competition. Vanity phone numbers that incorporate company names or recognizable features perform much better than other types of vanity numbers, and provide businesses with optimum results.

Keep it Short, Simple, and Easy to Remember.

Above all, acquire an easy to spell vanity number. A good vanity number is also accurately and appropriately tied to your business name and brand. Although small business owners can extend vanity numbers past seven letters, try to keep the vanity word that you select as close to seven letters as possible to encourage instant recall.

Increase Inbound Response.

You want an memorable toll free number that increases inbound response. Businesses and direct marketers can reap the benefits of highly visible vanity phone numbers not only by giving customers a toll free number that’s easy to remember, but also by strategically using outdoor advertising and the media to boost response. Consumers that hear an 800 number or vanity number from a TV or radio commercial will easily be able to recall that number later when it’s time to contact a business.

Combining a memorable toll free number and a highly effective marketing channel will drive results and ultimately increase leads and inbound response.

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