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Managing Increased Call Volume During Holiday Rush and Busy Season

How to Handle Higher Call Volumes During Your Busy Season

5 Tips for Managing Inbound Calls

Many industries experience busy seasons, from back-to-school retail season to tax season for accountants and open enrollment for health insurance. Is your business phone system set up to handle this . . . CONTINUE READING

Don't miss out on valuable customer data

Don’t Miss Out on Valuable Customer Data!

Valuable customer data is essential for your business growth. Many companies today, large and small, are using business intelligence tools and software to better understand their customer’s wants and needs, . . . CONTINUE READING

You have a business phone number now what

I got a business phone number, now what?

Getting a memorable toll free business phone number is an important step to driving phone calls to your business! So you got a business phone number, but do you know what to do next? . . . CONTINUE READING

Keep connected with customers- insights and data tools

Understanding Buyer Behavior – Insights & Data Tools to Learn About Your Customers

They say that knowing your audience is everything. Whether you’re trying to nail a pitch or sell your product, it’s important to understand who you’re reaching out to and what . . . CONTINUE READING

Customizable Reports from Dial800

Customizable Reports

Help You Analyze Marketing & Understand Customers

You’ve got a memorable phone number, customers are calling, and you’re ready to grow your business – now what? If you aren’t tracking all your inbound and outbound calls to . . . CONTINUE READING

Recording Calls- Protect caller information with PII Redaction

Recording your calls? Protect caller information with PII Redaction

As part of our  Speech Analytics features, you can record inbound and outbound phone calls and create written transcripts of calls. But if your customers disclose sensitive information on those calls, how are . . . CONTINUE READING

Voice and Body language- impact phone sales

Beyond words: How voice and body language can impact phone sales

Inbound call leads are second best only to in-person interactions.  Since customers contacting you by phone have no visual, you may assume your inbound sales reps could be slouched in . . . CONTINUE READING

Know where your sales come from, tracking and reporting

Do You Know Where Your Sales Come From? Why Tracking & Reporting Matter

With every website and business tool capable of creating reports, it’s easy to get a lot of data – but how much of it is actually useful? What businesses really . . . CONTINUE READING

Integrate Dial800 data to see if Marketing works

Integrate Call Data to See If Your Marketing Works

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on a new ad campaign or product launch, you want to know the results. How are you tracking campaign ROI and . . . CONTINUE READING

Marketing in 2021, Smarter business goals

Marketing in 2021: Setting Smarter Business Goals

For many businesses, the uncertainty of 2020 was a time of big tests and bigger decisions. With the new year just underway, some may be hoping for greater stability. However, . . . CONTINUE READING