Recording your calls? Protect caller information with PII Redaction

Recording Calls- Protect caller information with PII Redaction

As part of our  Speech Analytics features, you can record inbound and outbound phone calls and create written transcripts of calls. But if your customers disclose sensitive information on those calls, how are you protecting them?

What is PII Redaction?

PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Redaction is the process of removing a caller’s sensitive information from your call recordings and transcripts to protect their data. This optional feature should be used if your customers disclose personal information on calls, such as:

  • Social security number, passport number, or driver’s license number
  • Credit card numbers & financial account numbers
  • Taxpayer information
  • Date of birth

This allows you to still record or transcribe calls for reviewing or training, but protects your customer’s personal information.

How to use PII Redaction to Protect Caller’s Data

The PII Redaction feature is found in our Power and Enterprise plans.

If you have PII Redaction on your account, it’s easy to turn on within AccuRoute®. Go into your routing profile properties and check the box for PII Redaction, then save your changes. PII Redaction can be used with recorded calls and call transcripts.

Multiple tools for analyzing your calls, in addition to PII Redaction, help our speech analytics features review calls using Voice Tagging AI technology to tag calls with target keywords and even help you rate calls and caller sentiment!

If you have any more questions about how to protect your customer’s sensitive data, contact RingSquared today to learn more.

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