Customizable Reports

Help You Analyze Marketing & Understand Customers

Customizable Reports from Dial800

You’ve got a memorable phone number, customers are calling, and you’re ready to grow your business – now what? If you aren’t tracking all your inbound and outbound calls to analyze the data, you are leaving behind valuable customer and marketing information.

Key Benefits of Call Tracking

A customer can call your business for a wide range of reasons – they saw an ad (which ad?), they need support, they want to place and order, and more. Call tracking and analytics helps you understand these reasons and organize the data.

For example, if you are using tracking DNI numbers for Google PPC ads, call tracking and reporting help you identify which ads are driving the most traffic and converting to sales. These insights will influence your ad spend each month as you prioritize high-performing keywords and ads to drive more sales.

The RingSquared platform gives you these insights, and hundreds more, on every call to your company. But the key is how you view and analyze that data.

How To Analyze Your Data

Within the tracking platform you have three main ways to review and understand your data points:

  • CallView360® built-in analytics filters, which help you quickly filter data based on our most popular filter options
  • KPI dashboards, detailed and specialized customizable dashboards you create using built-in widgets that filter & organize your data
  • Customizable reports, which allow you to pull a wide range of data into a customized report that can be scheduled to run automatically and be sent to you

Why Choose Custom Reports?

All of your analytics options make it easy to see your data, but custom reports have several key advantages you might prefer.

First they can be automated, saving busy professionals valuable time. You can create reports that run on a schedule and email the final reports directly to your inbox for review without requiring you to log in and manually run a report.

Second, they the data is available in multiple ways. You can filter calls by:

  • Date
  • DNIS
  • Target
  • Sentiment
  • Geography
  • Tags
  • Sales

Each of these filters have further options so you can target the exact data you want to review.

And finally, even the formatting is customizable. You can select from our basic built-in templates or choose the advanced option to create a truly customized report unique to your business needs.

Getting Started with Reports

Ready to set up your custom reports and get a better understanding of your business? Contact your RingSquared Account Manager today to get started.