How to Handle Higher Call Volumes During Your Busy Season

5 Tips for Managing Inbound Calls

Managing Increased Call Volume During Holiday Rush and Busy Season

Many industries experience busy seasons, from back-to-school retail season to tax season for accountants and open enrollment for health insurance. Is your business phone system set up to handle this seasonal call increase?

With RingSquared you can manage and update your business phone numbers, inbound call routing, call reporting and automatic alerts, and more from one spot. This helps you respond to seasonal increases with a customized system unique to your business needs.

Adjust Your Call Routing

Our AccuRoute® program allows you to set up customized call routing to manage your inbound calls so you control where calls go!

To ensure all calls get answered when you are in the busy season, you can adjust call routing based on the time of day if you have multiple locations; this allows an East coast location to handle mornings and a West coast location to handle evenings. You can also easily add extra agents to your groups and set up new call routing rules to temporary agents covering extended business hours.

You can also adjust your queue settings to increase the maximum amount of people allowed in queue, increase their maximum queue time, and add a new recorded message to notify callers of extended queue times.

Call criteria routing is a popular choice for managing higher call volumes. By basing call routing decisions on customer data (based on over 20 rules you can select within AccuRoute®), you put the work of deciding when and where to route a call onto our robust platform instead of your business.

Track Calls & Set Up Alerts

Track all your calls with CallView360® to see and react to changing call volumes in real time.

You can track call times and queue times to evaluate when you need to add more agents or phone lines, track each agent’s call times, see campaign attribution of leads from digital marketing to know which ad campaigns are brining you in increased traffic, and more. With customized alerts you can also get automatic notifications of calls that bounce due to a full queue or any other call emergencies you need to react to quickly.

CallView360 collects 100s of data points on each call, so you can also track and analyze the call data that most impacts your business:

  • Caller name & number
  • Caller location & area code
  • The number they called & how it was routed
  • Purchases associated with their call

And much, much more – call tracking records are a key piece of insight into your customers.

Review Customer Sentiment & Other AI Analytics Data Points

Our built-in Voice Analytics AI uses artificial intelligence software to analyze calls. This can help you ensure that even when business is busy, customer needs are still being met and customers are leaving your business happy.

What analytics can you get with CallView360?

  • AI keyword tagging
  • Call scoring & tentiment rating
  • Call quality tracking


You can also set up automated call alerts and call recording or transcripts for further review of calls. Together, all these AI analytics data points help you see patterns in your customer interactions so you react faster to changing customer requests.

Add More Toll-Free or DNI Tracking Numbers

And if you decide you need more phone numbers to handle increased calls? RingSquared can help there too – search for the business numbers you want in our online database and add it to your account today. Choose from popular 800 toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and more.

If you need more DNI tracking numbers to cover the increased ads and traffic you get during seasonal promotions, contact your Account Manager today to add more bulk tracking numbers to your account.

The more numbers you have, the more routing options you also have – create dedicated phone lines for certain types of callers, specific regions or storefronts, or better distribute calls to call centers and order takers.

How can you use DNI tracking numbers?

  • Place them in PPC, retargeting & social media ads to track calls from each ad and keyword
  • Us them to track calls from each marketing channel (for example, Google vs. Bing)
  • Put them on landing pages to track which ones convert more leads & sales

And much more!

Keep Your Phone System Agile

If an outdated or inflexible phone system can’t keep up with your business, you also have options with modern features like cloud-based flexibility and remote connectivity.

There are multiple ways to update your system to handle the phone needs of a growing business:

  • A new VoIP cloud-based PBX phone system
  • SIP trunking, to improve your current phone system
  • Web-based or app-based softphones to easily sent & receive calls on your computer or phone
  • Video calls & meetings, conferencing, and screen sharing