4 Incredibly Smart Reasons to Route Your Calls

Route Your Calls

As a business owner, every lead and client is important…even “the little guy”. And as 2015 really begins to ramp up, many businesses and marketers are putting in the extra oomph to getting that extra lead and landing that extra client.

In order to get ahead on this, businesses still need to recognize the value of phone calls, and why they are still important to business. One way to do this is to take control, and set up call routing.

1. The Right Time and Place. Call routing enables businesses to set up platforms to receive calls based on specific geographic locations. Calls can be routed to different destinations based on the time of day or week. This is a great option for businesses with multiple locations, all operating and functioning in different time zones. This enhances maximum flexibility and ensures that no calls are lost, and that your business is always available at the right time and place.

2. Ring-To Number Management. Take control of your business calls with ring-to number management. Ring-To Number Management allows businesses to really make their marketing strategies work for them by assigning memorable 800 numbers to specific campaigns. Not only is this strategy highly effective, it’s also easy to do. Send calls to the locations that bring your campaign maximum value.

3. Make Data Work for Your Business. Call routing is easy with the right technology and software. For businesses who deal with larger call distribution channels, call routing can be managed effectively with advanced reporting and data integration with CRM applications. By working with robust call routing technology and software, businesses will be able to have complete control over data, and communicate commands via platforms directly to technology agents and teams. Call routing is also safe and secure and protects businesses from losing pertinent customer data with advanced firewall configurations.

4. Personalize the User’s Experience. One key component to any business marketing strategy today is personalization and individualization. Businesses today are really honing in on the customer or user’s experience, often through customer support channels. Call routing can help businesses enhance the user’s experience. Calls can be routed based on time, location, and many other factors. By routing the right calls to the appropriate agent or call center, this ensures not only a better experience for the caller, but it also increases your business’s chance of a sale.

Even in today’s technology-driven society, calls still prove to be important to businesses. Embrace call intake and volume with call routing. Call routing provides a number of benefits to businesses. But first and foremost, it dramatically improves business customer service and support as well as increases conversion rates from leads to true revenue.

AccuRoute Call Routing can help make this happen. Contact a member of our customer support team to learn more about how you can take control of your business marketing and really make your memorable 800 numbers work for you.


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