5 Tips to Decide What Business Phone Service Is Right for You

What Business Phone Service Is Right for You

An effective business phone service does a lot more than just send and receive calls, it supports your revenue goals with accurate data analysis and reporting tools. Since all industries require different call features, it can be difficult to find a service provider that offers everything you’re looking for at a reasonable price. To help you get the best available deal, consider these five tips when deciding what business phone service options are right for you:

1. Contemplate your business goals

Every company has its own unique needs, which is why business owners should consider their specific goals before signing up for a phone service. Small businesses may only require a single phone line, whereas large corporations often need VoIP connections to accommodate heavy call volumes. The phone service you select should always support your specific operational environment to ensure your customers have unrestricted access to your service agents and sales representatives.

It’s also important to select features that will benefit your bottom line, as an effective phone service should generate positive ROI. Businesses looking to boost their marketing and sales efforts can take advantage of call tracking and data integration, which provide a variety of actionable insights that can help adjust advertising campaigns and drive positive results.

2. Research all the available options

Different phone companies offer different options, so it’s important to do a good deal of research to find out what’s available. While most companies supply basic features like voicemail, call forwarding, call screening and missed call notifications, many do not provide the advanced data-based integration tools that your business needs to gain a competitive advantage. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line phone service, keep an eye out for these powerful features:

  • Digital call tracking.
  • Keyword attribution.
  • Real-time performance reporting.
  • Dynamic number display.
  • Enhanced call routing.
  • Customizable data analytics.
  • Advanced lead scoring.
  • Robospam filters.
  • Call data security.

Your business may not require all of these useful options, but being able to pick and choose what features you want is a huge advantage. For example, collecting data is a great way to refine your marketing strategy, as it can help you build detailed customer profiles and maximize your sales lead conversion rates.

3. Consider a toll-free 800 number

Businesses interested in growing their inbound call responses can optimize their marketing approach by integrating toll-free 800 numbers into their ad campaigns. The right 800 number can stimulate brand awareness and drive customer recognition, especially if your number is unique and memorable. Phone companies that offer 800 number integration, such as RingSquared, often possess a large inventory of available options to choose from, maximizing your ability to stand out from the crowd.

Vanity numbers are particularly potent, as they allow you to weave a specific word or phrase into your business’s telephone number. This enables you to differentiate your company from your competitors and establish credibility within your market. The best vanity numbers incorporate your business’s name, message or product and service offerings into the mix, ensuring your callers understand what is special about your company right upfront.

4. Review your call handling processes

For businesses that have large call volume already, it’s important to consider the impact of switching to a call center or implementing a more formalized call handling process. Some phone companies may require a complete overhaul of your internal call routing and management, which can be incredibly disruptive, especially for those that have a high volume of inbound calls.  Aim to look for solutions that offer seamless integration and personalized management during any transitions.

If you have a call center and are looking to make a change, bringing your call center down for more than a day can lead to a ton of missed sales opportunities or inconvenience customers in need of product or service support. To avoid unnecessary downtime, be sure to partner with a phone company that puts your call center’s integrity above all else. Service providers that offer open API integration assistance can prevent productivity losses and maintain your data collection and reporting processes, even during a large-scale migration.

5. Shop around before you buy

Comparative shopping is the best way to ensure that your business gets a good deal without sacrificing performance or reliability. Phone companies that advertise extremely low rates often provide basic service options that do not include the data tracking and analysis tools businesses rely on.

Although cutting-edge features will likely come with a higher price tag, there are plenty of opportunities to find a perfect balance between cost and performance if you’re willing to do the leg work. Shopping around for the best available rate is especially important for businesses looking for client-based lead exchange services, so be sure to partner with a company that offers call source transparency without any hidden fees.

RingSquared offers the best of both worlds.  Providing you with business phone service options that will meet your unique operational needs and drive positive growth, while offering the most competitive rates.  We provide a wide range of features that can support your customer service agents and sales lead teams, including 800 numbers, call tracking, call routing and data integration. To learn more about our industry-leading services, get in touch with our team today.

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