How Call Routing Services Can Be the Best Relief in an Emergency

Call Routing Services

Emergencies happen. This is a part of life and business. Some emergencies can even be debilitating, if you aren’t prepared. However, it’s not always what the emergency is or its impact; but how it is handled that can make the biggest difference. Emergencies can be handled with ease and the least amount of stress with the right support.

Take Control. Even if a business is unable to receive calls for one hour it can be too much time and money lost for that business. This is just one reason why call routing services can prove to be the best relief in an emergency. Intelligent call routing software allows you to easily route calls with complete control. For example, if your business phones go down, or another technical or infrastructure failure occurs, you can easily route your calls to another call center or location. Take control of your call flow and prevent hang ups by routing to operators that are available to handle your customers’ needs.

Custom Solutions in a Time of Need. Call routing can be your custom solution to customer satisfaction and ensure you get their calls. This might even mean setting up as many routing profiles as needed in order to ensure your calls are going to the right place. This process only takes a few mouse clicks and a few minutes of your time. You can also call up your RingSquared account manager for help. They can help you to set up your routing profiles to ensure you never miss a call.

Personalized Service and Compassion. Fires, roofs caving in, you name it, we have helped our clients through it. The team at RingSquared has helped countless businesses with their call routing needs during times of emergency. Each client is matched up with a concierge team member to work with on an ongoing basis, which is just one way that RingSquared provides individual and personalized attention and service to all clients, regardless of industry or business size. Your concierge service member will take the time to learn about your business in order to suggest customized solutions that will work just for you and your business.

No matter the need or emergency, RingSquared is here for you. We hope you don’t have any emergencies, but we are ready if you do. We have a custom solution, and our AccuRoute call routing services is just one the many tools up our sleeves. We make it easy.

For more information on AccuRoute call routing services or how a member of our concierge service team can help you and your business with a memorable toll free number, contact us today at (800) 700-1987 to get started.


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