Dynamite DNI: How a line of code can blast open conversions

Think of dynamic number insertion as that strategically placed explosive needed to break open the floodgates of information about those calling your business.

DNI is an important tool, since failing to track the business you draw from phone calls means you could be missing out on important intelligence about your audiences. And such information can be crucial in a highly competitive business environment driven by big data and personalization of marketing.

It’s no secret the popularity of mobile phones has revitalized the use of phones for sales and other business communications. BIA/Kelsey predicts calls to businesses from mobile devices will reach 162 billion annually by 2019.

As such, pay per call (PPC) campaigns that strategically place clickable phone number links in ads before automatically tracking the results are becoming more prevalent. Such campaigns are especially attractive to marketers as calls continue to produce more conversions than clicks, and email open rates drop due to skeptical audiences. Then there’s the cost effectiveness of PPC campaigns, since charges only kick in when calls are made.

DNI is one of the most important tools used to track and analyze those calls. The methodology, enacted by a code added to your website similar to JavaScript, allows you to track the prompts for your incoming calls for better understanding of your audiences and ad spend effectiveness. Further, DNI can be combined with customized online tools that provide even more insight into your customer base.

At RingSquared, we recently updated our DNI capabilities to provide you even more options in the data you choose to collect.

Passageway to more information

DNI technology allows you to track in real time the online prompts to which your callers are responding — search engines, organic searches, web pages, keywords, PPC campaigns, etc. — by assigning differently coded phone numbers to each source. The phone numbers appear to the caller as local, giving the impression of a local presence to national or international businesses.

DNI is most often used in conjunction with Google Analytics, which kicks in as soon as your phone rings to store the incoming data for use in evaluating your campaign (the free Google Analytics is used by 54 percent of all websites and is considered the simplest and most robust web analytics offering available). Basic information generated can include the prompts for the call; the device used; the geographic source; the time and length of the call; pages visited prior to a call; whether the customer has called before and the conversion rates.  DNI also allows for automatic replacement of text and images on your landing page or website to correspond with visitor searches.

Even more valuable insight is created when you invest in other online analytics tools that synthesize with Google Analytics to provide and use further detail about your calls. Many solutions offer qualitative and quantitative data from competitors’ websites as well.

Some such tools are evolving so quickly even cutting-edge marketers are unaware of their abilities. Intelligent Handshake, for example, can provide detailed info on callers including income and marital status, then use sophisticated algorithms to predict which are most likely to convert. RingSquared also partners with other innovators to design custom solutions for your PPC campaign.

Which stakeholders could best use DNI?

Any organization that conducts business on both its phones and website can benefit from the methodology. But it’s especially valuable to those that generate leads over the phone, as do hotels, restaurants, tradesmen, beauticians, I.T. service providers, etc.

Big bang: What to do with resulting data?

Depending on the controls you choose in Google Analytics and accompanying software, you can collect a variety of data by using DNI. For example, you can:

  • Move your ad dollars to campaigns resulting in the most conversions.
  • Switch out featured products that aren’t attracting interest and increase promotion of those that are.
  • Rate the performance of your blogs, white papers and webinars.
  • Exchange keywords that aren’t driving business your way; spend more on those that are.
  • Focus spending on online venues most used by your target audiences.
  • Measure web visits and conversions derived from your social media accounts.
  • Separate the results of your search engine marketing versus search engine optimization.
  • Track campaigns back to internal bid management and SEM data.
  • Use URL parameters to determine which pages and forms the consumer visited before calling you.
  • Measure acquisition cost per customer; lifetime value of repeat customers; average lead close rate; close rate per channel; percentage of new business from marketing-driven leads and paid versus organic lead ratio.
  • Better recognize which calling center staff are performing.

Ready to explode your vault of caller info? Don’t miss out on the valuable information likely to come your way once you enact dynamic number insertion.

RingSquared can advise you on installing DNI while optimizing all other elements of your call tracking strategy. Contact us at 1-800-700-1987.