How Memorable Toll Free Numbers Can Assist Lead Gen

Memorable Toll Free Numbers Can Assist Lead Gen

As a lead marketer, it is your job to appeal to your customers in every way possible. With a memorable toll free number, your customers will not only view your business as professional and reliable, but implementing an 800 number for your business will provide you with many benefits.

Tracking marketing efforts.

Did you know that having a toll free number allows you to better track your marketing efforts? Having an 800 number will allow you to create extensions that will provide you with a way to associate each number or call with a specific campaign. Then, by executing a data analysis process, lead marketers will be able to analyze and assess data from their marketing efforts and adjust sales and marketing accordingly to expand your reach.

Technologies including CallView360 allow a lead marketer to track their calls using data analytics tracking software and understand call volume, giving you a way to respond to them appropriately.

Increase inbound calls.

Having a toll free number provides customers with an easy way to contact your business. An 800 number opens up communication channels instantly. In fact, studies have even shown that 800 numbers increase inbound response from 25% to 69%. Remember, more calls mean more sales.

Additionally, with robust call routing and call tracking tools, lead marketers can really focus in on a specific geographic area, particularly one that is responding well to specific ads. This gives lead marketers clear cut information and data to make more informed marketing and business decisions.

Boost customer service.

When customers dial your business’s 800 number, they want to be treated with kindness and respect, and they want solutions. A toll free number can be just want your business needs to boost customer satisfaction and ensure optimal customer service. Toll free numbers provide businesses opportunities to ensure calls are handled with accuracy, efficiency, and quality. Every time.

As a lead marketer, your main goals are to ensure your marketing efforts are topnotch by increasing inbound calls, which ultimately will increase sales. You will boost customer service and provide high-powered, quality solutions, which makes your business stand apart from the competition. A memorable toll free number gives your business the fuel to grow and develop.

Implementing a toll free number is easier than it seems. For more information on 800 numbers, or to get started today, contact RingSquared at (800) 700-1987.Find a memorable toll free number today in under thirty seconds.

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