Quiz biz: How fun surveys can boost your marketing

fun surveys can boost your marketing

Ever filled out a survey to determine which superhero you most resemble, which cartoon character is your soulmate or which sports car best suits your personality?

If you’ve ever taken a minute to engage in fun online quizzes helping define your personality or lifestyle, you’re far from alone. And because they’re so easy to create and effective in grabbing viewer attention, marketers are increasingly using them in ads and social media posts to engage new customers and learn about their preferences. A Content Marketing Institute survey found 48 percent of content marketers in the U.S. were already implementing such quizzes as of 2016, with 69 percent of users stating they were most effective during the “awareness and discovery” stage of the buying journey.

“These quizzes help content marketers get to know their customers a lot better,” explains content marketing consultant “When a person takes a quiz online, he or she has to spend some time thinking about how to answer, and is usually genuinely excited to get the result of the quiz. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Thinking of trying such quizzes as part of your own marketing strategy? Consider the following suggestions:

  • Design your quizzes so they complement your more passive marketing content. For example, a cookware manufacturer might survey participants about their food preparation practices in order to “match” them with celebrity chefs who employ similar routines. The results could suggest a visit to a website landing page featuring cookware specifically designed for such routines.
  • Create experiences that offer value to participants, whether they’re providing information, furthering a decision or simply entertaining. Some of the more popular quizzes test and rank participants about their knowledge of a given subject or evaluate their personalities in some way.
  • Limit quiz questions to no more than 10, and keep them short and snappy.
  • Write in a fun, conversational style and state test results in positive terms.
  • Use catchy or clickbait headlines aimed at enticing participation.
  • Add images. One Buzzfeed study found the addition of pictures of faces drove 50 percent more traffic to marketing quizzes.
  • Ask for participants’ email addresses, but avoid asking for more identifying info than you need.
  • Encourage participants to share their results on social media and/or ask them if you can email your quiz to their contacts.
  • Optimize the customer responses you gather to add to buyer personas and inform future content and drive better sales over time.

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