Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Hybrid 800 Phone Numbers

Hybrid 800 Phone Numbers

The value of acquiring 800 numbers for business includes establishing credibility, building trust, and generating the most return on your marketing dollars. Vanity numbers, which comprise catchy phrases or actual brand names that stick with customers, work great for marketing campaigns that promote business products and services.

But what happens when we combine 800 numbers and vanity numbers? Like discovering the fuel efficiency of driving a hybrid car, hybrid 800 numbers are an investment that can pay off.

Overview of Hybrid 800 Numbers

Hybrid 800 numbers typically begin with one of the easy to recognize toll free prefixes, such as 800. Instead of remembering a toll free number such as 1-888-6387, hybrid 800 numbers begin with a three-number prefix, followed by a catchy four or more letter word.

For example, by creating the hybrid 800 number 1-800-55-SOUND for an electronics store, you benefit from the power of 800 numbers for business and the easy to remember catchy word SOUND that identifies the type of business.

Case in Point

Several case studies have demonstrated the value of acquiring unique 800 numbers for business. One case study compared a numeric only 800 number with a memorable hybrid 800 number. Sales increased by nearly 50 percent when the case study presented the hybrid 800 number.

The increase in sales also increased the amount of advertisement spending and number of ad placements. A 45 percent response rate increase for the 800 hybrid numbers caused most of the sales uptick for the small business. Hybrid 800 numbers also decrease marketing costs per lead due to the increased sales generated by hybrid 800 numbers.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

The question for businesses is not whether to acquire 800 numbers, but which of the three 800 number options works best. Some businesses receive more leads by going strictly with all numeric 800 numbers for business. Other businesses thrive by acquiring vanity numbers that capture the essence of their operations.

However, regardless of methodology, you can’t go wrong mixing the best of both worlds by acquiring hybrid 800 numbers.

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