Why Do You Need an 800 Number?

You Need an 800 Number

Some businesses think that having an 800 number may not be a viable investment for them. However, RingSquared has worked with small, entrepreneurial organizations to large, international corporations that have seen an increase in sales due to using 800 numbers. Investing in a toll free 800 number can be beneficial for businesses, small and big. Having an 800 number increases a company’s credibility, improves customer recall, and helps with marketing efforts. Below are multiple benefits of 800 numbers that can impact your marketing ROI.

Improved Recall With 800 Numbers

When someone hears something quickly, it is more difficult to remember multiple digits. 800 numbers come in multiple forms so your customers can remember your number:
Vanity 800 numbers are consisted of words or phrases
Repeater 800 numbers use combinations of numbers that repeat
Hybrid 800 numbers are a combination of vanity and repeater numbers

Increased Credibility with 800 Numbers

Customers can be way of business with which they haven’t had any experience. If your business has an 800 number, it gives you a large image. This can help prospective customers trust you quicker and build the rapport necessary for them to call you.

If you have a new product or are re-vamping your brand, an 800 number can help that effort. There are several vanity and hybrid 800 numbers available on the market to help get your name out there or a number associated with your business. Some businesses have developed their brand on just their 800 numbers! Think about 1-800-Flowers — their entire business name and brand is centered on their 800 number. Choosing the right toll free number can be a way to generate awareness of your brand.

Get an 800 Number for Your Business

If you are not sure what kind of 800 number your business should get, the experts at Dial 800 are here to help. They can discuss your branding effort, your target audience, and find you the type of phone number that works best for your business. Please call us at 1-800-700-1987 or fill out an online form to learn more about 800 numbers and get started on growing your brand today.