Why Your Company Needs an 800 Number

Company Needs an 800 Number

Today’s customer is constantly on the go. They like to be able to do most things quickly and from different places. Your customer might not always have the ability to do research on your company and find your contact information. You want to make sure that your target audience can easily and quickly recall your phone number when they need your services.

The primary reason why businesses get 800 numbers is to increase sales. 800 numbers are easy to remember and a powerful tool to generate more leads for your company. Toll free numbers can be creative, catchy, and help your target audience with recall. If you engage in active marketing for your business, having 800 numbers is one of the most advantageous assets that your company can have to increase ROI.

How to Use 800 Numbers

You should use 800 numbers with all of your marketing, advertising, and branding efforts. You increase your chances of receiving phone calls from your marketing efforts by having memorable 800 numbers. People are busy, often forgetful of phone numbers, and constantly on-the-go. It needs to be easy for customers to contact you. If you have a powerful and easy to remember 800 number, your company can differentiate itself from competitors and cater to the modern audience.

Types of 800 Numbers

The following are the types of 800 numbers that are available to businesses:

    Vanity 800 number
    Repeater 800 number
    Hybrid 800 number

Vanity 800 numbers consist of numerical patterns that spell out words. Instead of having your customers remember specific numbers, such as 1-800-356-9377, you can have your customers recall 1-800-SIMPLIFY. This is a great option to establish your brand and grow a business. In addition, many businesses create vanity 800 numbers for specific marketing campaigns to help advertise a new product or service. Several 800 number companies with toll-free number banks can help you find a vanity 800 number that fits your business or specific promotion.

Repeater 800 numbers are also convenient, since people have an easier time remembering patterns of digits than remembering random digits. An example of a repeater number is 1-800-293-0000. In addition, hybrid 800 numbers are available as a combination of numbers and letters. Hybrid 800 numbers are another alternative that several businesses have used for new advertising campaigns, as it allows customers to remember the brand while also distinguishing the new product or service. An example of a hybrid number, which combines numbers with a relevant word, is 1-800-SAVE-120.

Strengths of 800 Numbers

Having a memorable and strong toll-free number can minimize misdials and increase customer recall of your brand. Many businesses have lost opportunities because their customers could not remember their phone number or accidentally switched a digit. Unfortunately, that can sometimes drive business to competitors. If you want to prevent customers from frustrating misdials, calling your competitors, or losing interest, having a strong 800 number can be very beneficial.

Memorable 800 Numbers

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